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I do not know exactly how to start this post.
I m not known for my writing skills
and not even for my witty comments on
facebook or the catchy status updates either...
I don't even update my status either for most
I do not talk about my personal life either
and have been a rather lazy blogger too...
So, why am I writing this?

Well, it is a mere effort to let the people
know more than what's broadcasted in the news.

I am Greek.
My country and its people are in pain.
They are losing their jobs.
They are losing their homes.
They are losing faith.
They are losing their dignity.
WE are losing our dignity.

The austerity measures are NOTHING more
than MORE income to the banks.
The poor will become poorer.
The rich will become richer.

Many of you think that we had it coming.
Some of you think we deserve this.
We thought the Eurozone was paradise on earth.
We thought money would be coming in like cupcakes.
Many of us did.
Most of us did not.

Some made loads of money.
The vast majority did not.
Some have billions in Swiss banks.
MOST of us don't even have a saving account.

We trusted our corrupted politicians
who signed contracts with other
European countries and their companies.
We paid for these in our taxes.
These money were never in the pockets of
the citizens.

You accuse us of being lazy.
Our yearly average working hours are 2.119.

The world is changing.
Countries are being enslaved to international
banks and money corporations.
ACTA is on the move to keep 
our mouths shut.

Don't hate us for something we are not
responsible for.
Don't make accusations simply based
on what's heard on the news.

Give us a chance.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wednesday's Wish List : Amethyst

As you all know, Amethyst is February's birthstone...
It's one of my favorite colors and gemstones...
I think you will love my choices below :)

Fabulous, aren't they ?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stay Organized

I stumbled upon this wonderful organizer the other day..and
I thought I should share it with you!
It's a really clever way to organize your bills 
don't you think ? ;)

You can find it here!



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