Thursday, 27 May 2010

I am feeling the warmth

of creativity..
and just a tiny winy this small
sign of a jewelry signature line.....
*can u see me smiling like a dork?*
I m becoming so fond of those
swirly twirly lines ;)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Random thoughts and New pieces!

From all the pieces I ve made,since
I began my journey in the world
of jewelry making,those I call "favorite"
ones, have not been a result of
many hours of thinking,or
designing on my sketch book.
To be frank, they were the exact opposite.

I just sat on my work bench
(well,not so much a
having no clue what to make next, and
suddenly, my hands began to move by
themselves..kinda like having
an automatic pilot.

Like I knew what I wanted to make,
without really knowing it..strange,huh?
and each bit fell into place..
without hesitation, or tiredness,or
anxiety..but smoothly...

These were my favorite pieces.
And here are some of those :D

Contessa Ring..

Flowery Earrings

Blue Grapes

Take care :)


Sunday, 16 May 2010


Ok...its been a crazy month so far..
The Hotel's season has begun..
My brides are arriving and they
cant wait to get married!!
So, I ve been on the island quite
a few times until today, to make
sure each wedding is perfect....

Creating though,hasnt been so easy,due to
lack of free time BUT! I ve managed
to make a few pieces and here they are!

Owyhee Jasper and Sterling silver
Turquoise and oxidized Sterling silver
Carved Aventurine and Sterling silver
Turquoise and Sterling silver
Owyhee Jasper and Sterling Silver

Garnet and Sterling silver

Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Day at the Beach House...

I had a day there is no better
place to spend it:)

The weather was lovely..the sun was
shining and there was the smoothest

These flowers are from our garden:)

oh lovely day...
oh lovely day... :D


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