Saturday, 30 April 2011

Quit Your Day Job

One of Etsy's greatest posts is the Quit Your Day Job Series.

I love reading the stories of people
who after joining this large community
as sellers, they managed to be
so successful and could finally quit
their day job and be their own boss.

The most amazing thing is that there
are also sellers, often couples
that lost their jobs or had difficulty finding one
during the economic crisis
and their etsy shop became their only
income, like this couple here .

Isn't this wonderful?

Are you close to being
your own boss?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Proper Introduction

This blog post was created for 2 reasons....

1. I realized I NEVER properly introduced myself...
How impolite of me...I know....

2. I was told I need to model for my pieces...

So, here it goes....

1. My name is Trisevyeni.. (take it slooowly and maybe
you will manage to pronounce it correctly..) can call me Jenny ;)

I live in Greece for the past 32 years..well...almost 32..

I cant live without the sea..without ice cream..
without chocolate...without my loved ones...
but not necessarily in that order..
I drive an old Red Fiat and I hate exercising.
I love almost everything vintage.
I love reading books and learning foreign languages..

i lost my father 2.5 years ago, and that
changed me..changed me a lot..

2. As mentioned above I was told that it
would be best to model my pieces.
So, I took my camera and
dot right into it..

I m not used to taking photos of myself..
so I guess, I have a lot to learn..

Do you model for your pieces?
Do you have a favorite background ?
Do you prefer morning or afternoon
light for these photo shoots?
Do you wear specific clothes?


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sea or Mountains?

When I was just a little child, me and my
friends used to ask each other :

"which do you prefer?the sea or the mountains??"

I would then close my eyes and think of myself
first by the sea, and then up in the mountains..
And I would say :
" I love both.."

for a different

But if I was asked this :

"You could not live without the Sea or the Mountains?"

Then I would definitely say :
"The Sea!!"

Which do you prefer?
Which makes your life better?
Which fills your heart and soul??

Saturday, 9 April 2011


It's no news the price of silver is going up..
Just looking at it's price makes my
head ache..
As many of my jeweler friends, I have also
decided to incorporate other materials
in my copper and brass..
and some fabric :)

Today, I have decided to show you
some of the progress I ve made
with enameling..I ve made some post
earrings a few weeks back which you can see here and
here ..
And I ve made a few more :)

I m sure loving it!!!

These pieces will be at the shop soon..maybe
this weekend!




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