Friday, 26 March 2010

HALP!I cant stop soldering!!!

I really CAN NOT STOP!!!
I cant wait to return home and play
with my torch!!
This piece is an effort to make sth look
a bit more 3 dimensional:)
'Sail Away With me'

Oh! This one is a gift to my Mom:)

I have become realy fond of sweet
tiny pieces like this
Amber pendant!

And, I HAD to make a pendant with
one of those GORGEOUS Lapis
I got from Joanne!
And this is a piece for my Mom..
oh well....I love her:)

Tiny pendant with a Gorgeous
Hexagon cant see
its pretty purple color here but I m telling ya..
It IS a lovely purple:)
Oh! I gotta go now! My torch
is waiting!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Lately, I ve been thinking about trying out
different techniques...
Like trying a different design with bezel..
Like this rectangular Turquoise cabochon..
I didnt solder it all
the way..instead I created a V design
on the bezel..

Lately, I ve been wanting to
make more shiny Silver pieces..
like this Lapis pendant here...
Lately, I ve been longing for spring and
I ve been wishing I were on a deserted
island..drinking the juice of coconuts..
swimming..getting some tan..relaxing..
playing with sea creatures...
like this Sheahorse pendant...
Lately..i ve been allured by silver..
I ve been totally obsessed with new
design ideas...
I ve been totally devoted to make
them real..from a piece of paper
to silver and stones...

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tulips and Orchids...

I dont know whats your relationship with

flowers..but I can say that mine is one of

great love..and addiction..

I cant live without flowers..

and I think I love all of them..

the wild that grow in the most bizarre places..

and those that grow with our love

and tenderness..

I love their smell...

I adore their different, wonderful colors..

I am amazed by their shapes..

Cant live without them..

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A walk at the Beach

This week is a week off work!
So first let me just say YAY!!!!

I am trying to get some rest and
have decided to take a walk at
the nearest beach...

Spring is coming, let me tell ya...
Yes, you can feel it in the air...

The sky was almost crystal clear and there
was a lovely cool breeze..

I am loving my days off work...
I only wish they would last longer.....

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rain go away...

Just when I thought that Spring is on the way, birds
were singing, I could see some flowers
reluctandly blooming and BAM!!


has returned...more rain...temperature has dropped again..
and days have become gray.again..

I think it is maybe the first time I am so fed up
with Winter
so please, can sb bring Spring now??????


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