Saturday, 30 January 2010

Trying Something Out

You know when you have all those
tiny bits of Sterling silver wire
lying all over your bench,or floor,
and you dont know
what to do with them...
Well, I think you know
exactly what I mean..
Anyway, I decided to use them
on a pendant..
I hammered them and then
soldered them on a round
piece of thick Sterling sheet
I had previously cut in a
round shape.
And this is the result...

It has the organic feel I LOVE..
And its quite simple
and perfect for everyday:)


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Andromeda Ring...

"The Andromeda Galaxy (pronounced /ænˈdrɒmədə/, also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224; often referred to as the Great Andromeda Nebula in older texts) is a spiral galaxy approximately 2,500,000 light-years (1.58×1011 AU) away in the constellation Andromeda.

It is the nearest spiral galaxy to our own, the Milky Way. As it is visible as a faint smudge on a moonless night, it is one of the farthest objects visible to the naked eye, and can be seen even from urban areas with binoculars.

It is named after the princess Andromeda (Greek: Ανδρομέδη – Andromédē) in Greek mythology."
My Andromeda is a US suze 8.75...
Hope you like her...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Oh!the things I need to buy

now that Laptop is dead.
Mobile is dead AND
Camera is dead..

Yes..I feel really annoyed

about all this..but, I keep

Anyway, since I dont know

when I will be able to photograph

any of the new pieces I ve made

I might as well post here

the new things that

I listed to the shop..
I hope Santa brings me all these
as a present..even a delayed one..
no problem ;)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Making A Fresh Start....

with a new shop : and a new blog..

Why you might wonder..well,it doesnt go deeper than cos I needed
...I needed a Fresh Start. I needed something new to cheer me up
a bit..Not that making jewelry doesnt cheer me up..oh no..
it does WAY MORE than just cheering me up..
The whole making jewelry project in my life started a month
after my father was diagnosed with Cancer during February of 2008.
I was utterly devastated.My world as I knew it up to then, had
just fallen apart.Nothing mattered;pain and anger had
taken all over my body and soul.
So, I needed to do something with my hands.I dont know why.
It was the only thing I wanted to do.It was the only thing
that could keep me sane from the madness going on in
my head.
I started playing with beads and wire and pliers and more
beads and more wire and more pliers..
and then with a jeweler's saw and torch and solder and
more cabs and more silver and and and...
And basically one thing led to another..
During this journey,I discovered Flickr,Etsy and I was fascinated.
I "met" many wonderful talented artists with whom
I ve become friends and still are a great inspiration to me.
I try to become a better jewelry designer every day.
I try to draw inspiration from whatever catches my attention.
and I hope that someday I will be proud of my self as a
And I hope that my father looks at me from wherever he is and
is proud of who I have become
So, this was a post without pictures I know, but with
some truths about why I make jewelry..and where it
all started..
Take care,


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