Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Making A Fresh Start....

with a new shop : SilverLinesJewelry.etsy.com and a new blog..

Why you might wonder..well,it doesnt go deeper than cos I needed
...I needed a Fresh Start. I needed something new to cheer me up
a bit..Not that making jewelry doesnt cheer me up..oh no..
it does WAY MORE than just cheering me up..
The whole making jewelry project in my life started a month
after my father was diagnosed with Cancer during February of 2008.
I was utterly devastated.My world as I knew it up to then, had
just fallen apart.Nothing mattered;pain and anger had
taken all over my body and soul.
So, I needed to do something with my hands.I dont know why.
It was the only thing I wanted to do.It was the only thing
that could keep me sane from the madness going on in
my head.
I started playing with beads and wire and pliers and more
beads and more wire and more pliers..
and then with a jeweler's saw and torch and solder and
more cabs and more silver and and and...
And basically one thing led to another..
During this journey,I discovered Flickr,Etsy and I was fascinated.
I "met" many wonderful talented artists with whom
I ve become friends and still are a great inspiration to me.
I try to become a better jewelry designer every day.
I try to draw inspiration from whatever catches my attention.
and I hope that someday I will be proud of my self as a
And I hope that my father looks at me from wherever he is and
is proud of who I have become
So, this was a post without pictures I know, but with
some truths about why I make jewelry..and where it
all started..
Take care,


  1. I think it's fabulous to start over. Here's to a successful shop and a joyful blog!

  2. I have a wonderful feeling about your new beginings! You inspire me!

  3. *hugs* What Brandi said. Here's to more sales and more joy! :D


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