Friday, 26 March 2010

HALP!I cant stop soldering!!!

I really CAN NOT STOP!!!
I cant wait to return home and play
with my torch!!
This piece is an effort to make sth look
a bit more 3 dimensional:)
'Sail Away With me'

Oh! This one is a gift to my Mom:)

I have become realy fond of sweet
tiny pieces like this
Amber pendant!

And, I HAD to make a pendant with
one of those GORGEOUS Lapis
I got from Joanne!
And this is a piece for my Mom..
oh well....I love her:)

Tiny pendant with a Gorgeous
Hexagon cant see
its pretty purple color here but I m telling ya..
It IS a lovely purple:)
Oh! I gotta go now! My torch
is waiting!!!!!


  1. They're all gorgeous!! Why would you WANT to stop when you're such a great roll?!! :P

  2. LOL.... yes, what Ginger said. :D Lovely pieces.

  3. Thank you both!I m addicted to my torch..and silver..and cabs..and

  4. Really lovely Jenny ~ I love the sailing boat!


Thank you so much for your comments!


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