Sunday, 23 May 2010

Random thoughts and New pieces!

From all the pieces I ve made,since
I began my journey in the world
of jewelry making,those I call "favorite"
ones, have not been a result of
many hours of thinking,or
designing on my sketch book.
To be frank, they were the exact opposite.

I just sat on my work bench
(well,not so much a
having no clue what to make next, and
suddenly, my hands began to move by
themselves..kinda like having
an automatic pilot.

Like I knew what I wanted to make,
without really knowing it..strange,huh?
and each bit fell into place..
without hesitation, or tiredness,or
anxiety..but smoothly...

These were my favorite pieces.
And here are some of those :D

Contessa Ring..

Flowery Earrings

Blue Grapes

Take care :)


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