Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sea or Mountains?

When I was just a little child, me and my
friends used to ask each other :

"which do you prefer?the sea or the mountains??"

I would then close my eyes and think of myself
first by the sea, and then up in the mountains..
And I would say :
" I love both.."

for a different

But if I was asked this :

"You could not live without the Sea or the Mountains?"

Then I would definitely say :
"The Sea!!"

Which do you prefer?
Which makes your life better?
Which fills your heart and soul??


  1. That`s always the question should we go on vacation to the sea or to the mountains.....I don`t know I thing that there is a mood for each one. If you just want to lay around and stare at the sea that`s fine, but sometimes you need to connect to the nature....and explore...then the mountains are the right choice!

  2. We used to ask this of each other as kids too! Have to say the sea for me. Athough I was lucky to grow up in a wee country that has both not very far apart! Northern Ireland is great!

  3. @ Ligata

    I am blessed to live in a city where mountains and the sea are not far away from each other..u are 15min away from the nearest mountain and you can see the sea from it:)

  4. @Laura Cameron
    lol!I think it was just me and my friends :)

    Definitely the sea..its not that I dont love the mountains..but the sea has an amazing power on me..

  5. I would say the sea !!!!!!!!!!! Although I have been living near sea and mountain so far... :))))

  6. Great question!!!!! I love BOTH sea and mountains passionately, and my first answer is the same as yours! But probably what I couldn't live without is the mountains... Probably this has to do with the fact that I live close to the mountains, and in mountains I feel at home. In a way the peace of green nature and woods resembles my own tranquility-seeking nature. Sea is more "exotic" to me, more exciting and linked with holidays, adventure and exciting life. But sea and islands are a big love to me (as my creations tell!), I need them too, there is room enough in one's heart for different kinds of love! :)

  7. Isnt it amazing what both sea and mountains can do to our souls??
    It is soo sad that we do so little to protect both...


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