Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday's Wish List : Balloons!

From my early years as a child, I LOVED balloons...
I think all children love balloons.

I remember on year, my parents gave me the best
balloon ever! It was a bright yellow with blue and lots
of other colours....
I holded it tight and I remember feeling so happy!

Ofcourse, half an hour later, and as I 
was a rather hyper-kinetic child, the balloon
slipped my hand and it started going up to the sky..
I cried my eyes out...

And who can forget Jules Verne's book "Around
the World in 80 Days" with a hot air balloon?

Anyway, this is today's wish list : balloons...
And the way they made us feel...
Back when small, silly things could make us feel
never ending happiness...

Fly away!


  1. Magic collection, thanks for featuring my ballon print!

    Kind regards,

    Signing Star

  2. Lovely collection!
    Thank you for the feature:)
    Wendy Paula
    Mulberry Muse


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