Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pissed off and Productive

You know, when you have those days, when
you are sooo pissed off you just want to
smash EVERYTHING, including the amazing China you
have been saving for when 
"the king/president/Hugh Jackman visits", because
it will just make you feel good even for a few minutes?????
Well, I have been having **those** kind
of days..
And I know that if I do smash everything
that can be smashed, I will be sorry
later. Not because I will
have destroyed all my glasses/jars/vases
but because I will have to do the
clean up myself. yep. 

Anyway, this post is not about me telling
you the reasons I have been so
pissed off, but no, they have nothing
to do with that post.

I just decided that I will not do any smashing
and I will take all this energy and do 
something creative with it.
So, I did.

I made twisted wire. I mean, I made it.
Took pieces of left over wire (because I m 
running really low on supplies too.*head desk)
and just started twisting it. 
It took me a while.

I actually made more. I also made twisted
wire out of brass and more copper.
no more silver though.

But, not only did I make twisted wire
I also used it in some designs.

Can I say I am reaaaaally pleased with these???

And I also made these, well not out of twisted wire,
but I was in a productive-pissed off frenzy!

yummy :)

oh...and I also remade this :

which you can find here

What do YOU do when you are pissed off??

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  1. Wow, that was a very productive pissed off day! When I'm angry, I find I just mess things up in the studio, so I channel the energy into cleaning up and organizing. I love those twisted metal pieces! So delicate :)


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