Saturday, 6 November 2010

How Colour Influences My Work

A couple of my dearest artists (check out their blog)
are having
a talk regarding how colour influences
their work..

So I started thinking..How does colour
influence my work?
How does colour influence my mood?

Well...the answer is : A LOT!

The colour of the stones laying
on my work bench really influences
the final design...Looking at the
colour of the stone I start thinking
which shape, which metal would
make the stone's colour pop!
It sort of "decides" for me what
I 'm going to use..will lt be silver?
Or Brass?Or maybe Copper?

I also tend to choose stones
basing on their colour..I mean, I really
have to like the colour of the stone..
At times, it needs to be vivid, and other
times I prefer stones with a more
subtle,pale tone..

Colour influences my mood too..
My room needs to be painted
with colours I blue, or grey,
or purple, or fuchsia..

Of course colour is not the only thing that
influences my work..nature gives
me a whole bunch of ideas..
even buildings.. ;)


  1. I love your work. The pieces above are so beautiful!

    I had a hard time talking about color in my post. It's different for everybody and so interesting to read what others have said. :)

  2. Thank you :D

    I totally agree Ginger :) It's interesting to know how someone's work is influenced or not by colour:)


Thank you so much for your comments!


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