Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's Been a While

Since my last post *cough* yeah, I know..
I totally neglect my blog..

BUT, here I am now..

The last 4 weeks have been a rhapsody
to pain..appointments with the dentist
and then the orthodontist and vice
versa..the braces are finally on, and
have filled my days with pain..
until now that is..this feeling is supposed
to go away in 2 days, so I wait and wait..

Anyway, the new job is going pretty well,
I have FINALLY found some peace, and
some time to rest, and some time
to spend with my loved ones...things
that were nearly impossible with
my previous job where I had to work 6 days
a week, with night shifts, working
on holidays and Sundays and and and..
BUT all of that is in the past right now..

So, I made a few things and here
they are!

*Scrap Sterling silver melted in a pendant ;) *

*Gorgeous Chrysoprase with Sterling silver*

*Snake Goddess with lots of Silver and a Garnet cabochon*

*Beautiful Owyhee Jasper earrings*

AND last, but surely NOT LEAST a Bracelet
handcrafted by SCRATCH! YES, I made the chain!!!!!!!




  1. Gorgeous work, you're really hitting your stride.

  2. Wonderful life is going well for you!
    The jewelry came out wonderful.

  3. I love the Owyhee Jasper earrings! They are simple and cute, yet really well made and look fun to wear ;o)

    Hope you start to feel much much better soon, I know it's almost impossible to be creative when you're in pain 'o(


Thank you so much for your comments!


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