Tuesday, 6 September 2011

To Oxidize or Not?

So, I made this ring...which I think is really pretty
 if I can say so myself...
And I can not seem to be able to decide whether
to oxidized it or not..
Now, I have always been a fan of oxidized silver..
I love how it brings out the beauty of the metal..
But with this ring..well....I just can't seem 
to want to darken it...

The matte silver looks so much better
in real life..the photos do not do it justice...
and the Chrysoprase is just gorgeous!!!

Oh well, I think I will leave it as it is...for now..

What do you think?



  1. I think you already know what to do! If it calls to be left alone, leave it alone! And this is hard advice for me to give because I do love my oxidizer...but it is just beautiful the way it is!

  2. i personally think it is beautiful as it is. My initial reaction was that the detail on the band would be brought out with oxidisation, but i think because the silver is matt it looks lovely as it is, and that cabochon is beautiful

  3. i don't know anything about jewelry making but this piece is beautiful. something about the matte silver and the light stone just makes me feel like i'm at the beach, or should be! gorgeous!

  4. Jenny, it is gorgeous!!! I too have the 'to oxidize or not to oxidize' dilemma quite frequently LOL

    I was going to say the same thing as Lynsey about the detail on the band benefiting from a patina...but you can still see it because of the matte finish :-)

    Either way, it is a beautiful ring and I'm sure it won't be hanging around in your shop for long!!


  5. Amy, I think you are right...you know, I almost never have doubts about silver.I just go and oxidize it without a second thought...but this one...I don't think so... :) Thank you for being here dear :D

  6. Lynsey, thank you so much :)
    When I started making the ring I thought it would look great oxizided because of the hammered band and the brightness of the stone, but when finished I had second thoughts so... ;)

  7. Lisa thank you very much :)
    You know, I used this stone because it did remind me of summer days...and because it is over now, I needed sth to remind me of summer...

  8. Belinda thank you so much :D
    For us jewelrs it's quite a dilemma isn't it?lol..

    So, after all, I will leave it as it is..a semi-bright matt silver :)

    Thank you all again so much!!!


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