Saturday, 24 September 2011

Using Less Sterling Silver...

I had a long discussion with myself 
the other day, concerning metals
It is obvious that silver is becoming a 
really expensive metal.. 
And each time I buy silver I m 
becoming more and more reluctant
 about using it. 
So, I m looking at it on my work 
bench and bang! thoughts like these pop :

I will create a big statement piece!...
No no will be really expensive... 
No no, I d rather make sth small, 
sth for everyday, sth that will not be expensive about making a pair of earrings? 
No, no I better make a pendant first

And these thoughts take a lot of my 
design-making jewelry time.
Plus, they make me feel less creative..
and I don't like that.

So, I have decided to use more Brass 
and Copper in my designs.
I will still use Sterling of course, 
but in smaller pieces
except for Custom Orders J

Sterling Silver Sparkly Ametrine dangle earrings

Sterling Silver Sparkly Ametrine dangle earrings

Sterling Silver Sparkly Ametrine dangle earrings



  1. I think the lack of creativity in me is linked to the price of silver too. I spend too much time thinking instead of just doing. Silver did just drop quite a bit on Thurs/Fri, so I'm hoping to get a decent order in before it goes up again (if it does) It still sucks though. I love those Ametrine Earrings ♥

  2. These are all very beautiful!

    I'm sure that anything you make will have that trademark SilverLines feel to it and will be gorgeous!


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