Saturday, 22 October 2011


You know, it's true...
When you feel insecure or sad..
your brain brings back happy memories...
Usually those of your childhood..
If this is not the case for you,
then, you remember people
who made you happy...

When I m sad, I remember people whose
love made me feel secure and happy..

And, I came across this..

This crochet hook belonged to my 
paternal grandmother...

Its been 16 years since she passed
And I still miss her..

But this, made me smile

What do you do when you are sad?
Have you kept things that
belonged to your loved ones?

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  1. My grandfather who lived across the ocean in Italy, gave me his whole nativity statues collection because he knew I shared the love of creating and that I would cherish them. I was sixteen years old when he gave them to me and he passed shortly after that. Every year at Christmas time I take them out and create my Nativity scene and looking at all the pieces makes me smile and think of him.


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