Saturday, 18 June 2011

What I ve made this past week

You know, I have been waiting for my silver
supplies to arrive as if I was a little child
waiting to open Christmas gifts...

But as they arrived yesterday I only managed to 
make this pair of earrings..

Some of these are already
listed in the shop :)

Turquoise- sterling silver - enamel earrings 

Snake- round earrings 

Raspberry red - Blue enamel stud earrings

Raspberry red- blue enamel earrings

cute, arent they?

Orbit- Sterling silver modern ring

Orbit- sterling silver modern ring Size 6

Leaves Copper Sterling silver dangle earrings

Leaves Copper Sterling silver dangle earrings 

Lilac- white enamel copper earrings

Raspberry Pink enamel earrings Natsu No.7

Off to make some more :)



  1. These are just wonderful!!
    All of them!

  2. τέλεια Τζένη!!!!!! τρομερά!!!! ειδικά τα πρώτα..... απίστευτα!!!!!!! Μπράβο!!!!!!!

  3. Love the first pair of earrings. They are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you , thank you , thank you! all of you!
    ...and did I say thank you????


Thank you so much for your comments!


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