Sunday, 24 July 2011

In the Mood for Colors

Maybe its the summer, maybe the fact
that the last couple of months (years really)
have been a bit black, if I 
used a color to describe them, my mood
is all about colors; hence the enameling..
and the search for bright, vivid colored cabochons..


A new line maybe ?? ;)
Cobalto calcite druzy pendant in Sterling silver

a sawed out leaf design at the back of the piece

and a tiny Ruby cab set on a leaf sterling silver piece..

PLUS there is a small SALE  going on at the shop  right now
for just a few days!




  1. Your new creations are so beautiful, Jenny!!! I love the colors and shapes! And it's so great that they convey your "colorful mood"! :)

  2. lovely druzy pendant, i really like how you've incorporated the positive and negative shape of the leaf in the design, it's very effective


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