Friday, 22 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

A while ago I had blogged about the much 
needed Rennovation  and some of the results
of the old apartment in which df and I were going to move in...
With the economic crisis it had been really difficult to 
afford a € 300 rent, plus bills etc, so our OWN
old apartment, seemed a rather good choice..

BUT, the truth is, I have already finished
what I can actually do with my hands, and
the most vital parts of a home, like the 
bathroom and the kitchen are not functional..
That means, that it would take about € 6.000 to
be able to make them functional...
An amount that is just too much to bear right now..

SO, that means, df had to return to live with his family
and I am living with mine..

And I SO want a place of my own..
I SO need a house that is my HOME.
I SO want to be able to have a studio
to make my jewelry,
A porch to watch the sunlight with my df...
SO SO SO badly, I can cry...

photo taken from here 

photo taken from here

I know this is way beyond our budget, but
we can dream, right? Dreams dont cost :)

And we would both be happy with less, believe me...
I m off to write a letter to Santa....


  1. I love those photos. I dream of a spacious home filled with light, laughter and little feet running around :o) You should never stop dreaming!


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