Friday, 8 July 2011

Wish List Friday- What's Your Color?

Several recent events have created
a big damage in my optimistic way
of seeing things and let's just
say I felt the need for something
colorful..something bright..
something that shouts happiness..

And I found these while
browsing through Etsy...

These amazing items below, put a smile
on my sad face today...

What's YOUR color ?



  1. Aww don't be sad Jenny, as a way of thanks for the mention, send me your address through Etsy and I'll pop you a little something in the mail* ;)

    *bright rainbow colours and triangles may feature heavily!

  2. So glad my little hearts could add some cheer to your day! Great finds - Those little clothespin people are so fun!

  3. sending hugs to you lovely Jenny x

  4. i'm not sure i have just one color but color does wonders for soul when i'm sad. i hope you're having a better day today. i love that clock.

  5. thank you all so much for being here :)

    and Kev, you are so sweet :)

  6. so beautiful, all of them!


Thank you so much for your comments!


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